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25 abril 2006

Mi reseña hiperbólica del "demo" de LocoRoco para PSP.

Disfrútenla, directo de mi "alter-ego" vídeo jugador usuario de GAF.

I'm back with impressions. I can summarize it all in the following statement: the demo can only be described by the words "FUCKING AMAZING!". I haven't gotten such blissfulness related to such simplicity from no other game but Lumines. From the excellent graphical design to an amazing interface, it really shows how appealing to our senses holds, if not the same importance as gameplay, at least a big piece in creating an enjoyable experience. Every single detail from the scenery is just wonderfully crafted to merge with an environment that delivers actual pleasure to eyes while an orgasm of good music invades our brains perfectly accompanying the action on the screen. The very definition on how presentation should be done, not in the style but in effectiveness. Nevertheless, don't get me wrong. The mechanics of interaction are incredibly well designed too, I dare to assure you they're the best I've played with in a console since the old NES/GB days. The old formula of "easy-to-learn/difficult-to-master" has never shined more. Just moving the character across the beautiful scenery it's fun by itself, but the actual adventure shall inevitably bring, if just watching the title screen hasn't already done of course, a huge smile to your face. Side-scrolling perfection comes to life as action and puzzle elements collide in a symbiotic interaction that puts on shame recent attempts at 2D gaming, which I'm not discouraging of course. As for level design, well it couldn't be better. There's no element without a purpose, no element that feels tacked on or disturbing to the harmonic quest you embark on with the huge and lovable big yellow blob.

As for replayability and lasting value, I just say they defy logic as I find myself re-attracted to the game even after getting a perfect score in the clearance. Not for challenge, which as I said still not ceases to amaze me with it's wonderful learning curve, but for the feelings it evoke in my heart. I fear to think on how much time the full version that includes a hundred of these shall take from my life.

If this "bombs", term that GAF-lingo has appropriately designed for lacking enough sales to turn in profit, humanity would have not only forsaken good taste, but happiness itself. They shall deserve to burn in the endless pits of despair and pain created by themselves for not supporting this product of love and passion that providence has brought at our disposition and no opportunity of redemption will never come again to their souls. PSP owners, you've got no choice. I know you really like "homebrew" and "emulators", but this is worth a history of gaming.

Esuchando Ahora: "LocoRoco OST" de Sony Software

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17 abril 2006


Bien, al haber terminado mi “emocionante” aventura vacacional regreso a la rutina y recupero la habilidad de publicar entradas de forma constante gracias al acceso de un ordenador. Siendo honestos, admito que siempre tuve posibilidades de conectarme a la red, sin embargo era un martirio intentar escribir desde la molesta pantalla del PSP. Lo lamento, era inevitable mencionarlo… pero es realmente hermoso. En fin, tenía algo de mayor longitud preparado para este regreso, incluido una reseña de mi nueva consola portátil, el ya prometido inicio de “El Conteo Regresivo a la Grandeza” y unas cuantas recomendaciones de temporada para los fanáticos de la animación, pero estaba preparado en un archivo que por el momento no tengo al alcance de mi mano. Claro, basta con copiarlo así que esta misma tarde tendrán alguna nueva introspección con la cual aburrirse.

Me sigue pareciendo increíble cuanto me entretuve viendo “Host Club”.

Esuchando Ahora: "Human Behaviour" de Bjork

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10 abril 2006

It's a fucking pain to write this, but I would lie to you if I said this isn't incredibly satisfactory. Hi! 7Th from the mall.

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