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28 marzo 2006

Bilingual Scream

Este era un trabajo para la clase de inglés. No quería que se desperdiciara en nada, por lo que aquí lo tienen. Disfrútenlo, es bastante breve:

I’m the kind of person that finds this forced beginning sentence to be completely uninspiring and lack luster. It sure makes clear the purpose or message this essay is trying to convey, yet I can’t help to feel disgusted by the shameless easiness of the final result.

Why can’t I accept the simplicity of life? Not everything needs to be complex. Does it? Is having trust in my senses conformity? Is questioning everything running away from reality? Or is believing to look away from doubt? If I’m confident of one thing, is that there’s no way around this incredible mess.

Even if this homework could swiftly be finished by following the established guidelines and resorting to a few general adjectives such as “shy”, “outgoing”, “pathetic” or “smart” my heart would suffer if I didn’t take on this challenge. Yes, my grade is such an small and unimportant price when you’re aiming for god himself.

Having a grounded, down-to-earth image of existence is absolutely out of my reach, far beyond my personality and abilities, not within the limits of my soul. I am broken for society. Is it not? Useless for the practical world that moves around me. How can someone sane appreciate a purposeless fool like me?

People are supposed to discover themselves through reading. Is that my goal? “Selfish bastard” you probably say. And yes, I indeed deserve to be called so. Complaining about the shallowness of society while expecting someone to find utility or even entertainment from a text that, as even a blind man can see, was written from Eduardo to Eduardo is shameless. Unforgivable even before the eyes of those who can be called righteous.

Nevertheless, isn’t the written word always born for someone else? Every time something is said a mutation happens. “Speaking is not communication”, listening is. “What kind of person do I am?” Not even the wise knows with security.

Edición Posterior: Ya termine el pequeño "banner" del "Blog", así que... ¡A enlazarnos!

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